Aviva Social Services Intern and Mentor Program

Interning with the Department of Child Safety

Social Service Interns are student volunteers who make a huge difference in the busy work schedules of DCS workers. Under the supervision of a case worker, interns will take part in home visits, assessing client needs, writing reports, attending team meetings and participating in other activities as needed. This is a unique and excellent way to test your affinity for social work, and is a great resume enhancer!

  • Interns will need to be able to commit to minimum 130 hours a semester
  • Interns will be drug tested
  • Interns need to be 20 years of age, or older, at time of application

Mentor Program with Casey Family Programs

In partnership with the Casey Family Programs, Aviva is offering a dynamic and rewarding mentorship program for children who are in the care of DCS. As a mentor, you will be a direct source of encouragement and support for your mentee.

  • Mentors will need to commit to one year with their youth, with a minimum engagement of once a month of for three hours.
  • Mentors will be drug tested
  • Mentors will need to have reliable transportation and a clean driving record
  • Mentors must be 21 years of age, or older, at time of application

 Please submit an application and resume to Nina Halvax at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Spring 2017 dates: January-May

Deadline for application: October 7

Summer 2017 dates: May-August (only available for intern program)

Deadline for application: March 3, 2017

Fall 2017 dates: August-December

Deadline for application: May 19, 2017


For questions please contact Nina Halvax, Community Resources Coordinator at (520) 327-6779 Ex 11